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Near the straight of Gibraltar is a place called Gibraltar. I know, crazy right? Who would have thought…. Anyways it’s near the most southern point in Spain.

A Big Rock, Another Big Rock, And Two Bodies of Water!

Yes, so anyways the straight of Gibraltar, right. If you have ever had the feeling you’ve been to another country and didn’t know you actually crossed any real boarder, then you know how it feels to cross over to Gibraltar. We walked right on over. They may have had a guy looking to make sure you had some type of document resembeling a passport in your hand, but maybe not.

This place was so small that in order to land a plane in their airport they had to stop all the traffic on the main street for about 5 minutes while the plane took its time and rolled on in. It was a very cute place.

After a short walk through the city we reached the cable car and took it to the top of the rock. The wind was strong, making for a nice breeze, and the sun was particularly bright that day reflecting off the water giving and doubly illuminating effect. From up there, we could see Algeciras, a Spanish port, a great view of the Atlantic coming in to the straight, a nice view of Africa (which I’ll talk more about in a later post), and a good look at the Mediterranean. It was a pretty cool view.

Then the monkeys. There were a lot of monkeys and they liked people. And they liked to attack people. My mother was obsessed with them and grabbed my camera and started to take pictures. I wandered off in awe of the view, admiring Africa, longing to go back, and explore more of all it’s untouched lands. But, maybe another time. Ishallah.

There were monkeys everywhere up there. They like to attack people!

There were monkeys everywhere up there. They like to attack people!

After hours of walking and wandering around the top of Gibraltar, seeing caves, old bunkers, and picaresque views, We had fish and chips and this very good English pub. But my stomach didn’t quite agree with all the grease, which it continued to be upset for the few days following.

We left Gibraltar in the same strange way that we entered, just waving our passport looking documents and some official who waved us by from afar. Whoo! I’m in Spain again. Ahh much better.

Oh, The EnglishThat’s all for now, Morocco’s coming up next!