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As many of you have heard, I have just completed a month and a bit of Study abroad in Sevilla, Spain. It was an amazing time and I have some memories that I’d like to share. (It would have been nice to blog in Spain, but lack of a computer and an Internet connection prevented that)

So where to start? How about the most recent first, that means Pamplona and La fiesta de San Fermin (El encierro) or the name as made famous by Hemmingway’s “The Sun Also Rises”.

Pamplona: Upon arrival at the train station we were instantly immersed in a sea of people dressed in white and red. [People wear white pants and white shirts, and sport red scarf’s tied like around their necks with red sashes tied around their waists. Everyone one wears this same outfit for the entire duration of the festival]. We took a taxi and got as close as we could to our hotel, but because of the sheer number of people, many of the streets downtown were closed. We pushed the rest of our way through the sea of white and red people until reaching our hotel.

Now, if you’re one who likes to party you would be blown away by this festival. Imagine a small Spanish city that has a large number of bars in proportion to people. Now imagine streets lined with people packed so tight you can’t move, flowing out from one bar over to the next. Add music to every corner, lots of beer, sangria, and tapas. Add hourly parades each with their own music and style from each of the different “counties” if you will, of Pamplona. Add bull runnings every morning, bull fights every afternoon, and fireworks [these are srsly the best fireworks I have ever seen] every night. Oh, also there are bands that march around while loudly playing music with the sole purpose to wake people up every morning at 6am, or to keep them partying. Repeat that for 10 days. That’s the Fiesta de San Fermin. You get very little sleep.

The pictures below should give you a taste of the dress and chaos of the city:


COMMENTS Yea, this dude was at a bullfight we saw in Pamplona.  He was everyone’s best firend.

One of the Many Parades!

I got stuck in this parade for a while and just wandered around the city learning that region’s songs! So much fun

The Pamplona Attire

COMMENTS This was one of my favorite parts of the Fiesta de San Fermin. Everyone wore the same thing!


COMMENTSWe watched from a balcony on Calle Mercedes, which had the most dangerous turn of the whole run. There were paramedics set up there before the race started.

That’s about it for now! More to come!