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This week Ben and I road up sabino canyon and enjoyed a nice view at the top as seen in the photo withe the bikes. It was a nice cloudy day which helped block most of the sun allowing an enjoyable ride!

We forgot about soccer one hour after after our ride and were pretty exhausted for the short 5 v 5 soccer game that followed.

Tony might remember this lesson from experience.  So may Ben...

Tony might remember this lesson from experience. So may Ben...

This is the Top!
Only 3.7 Miles up hill!

Only 3.7 Miles up hill!

We actually just repeated this trip today before I had a chance to upload this post!  But this time I decided to bike to Ben’s house, about 4 miles.  We met up with litte Pabts and the three pack of us took a nice, but quick trip to the top. Along the way we saw many Mexican families heading down the mountain from their picnic lunches/dinners.  We also saw a Armenator, a good friend from our airsoft days back in sophomore year. On the way back down we saw this one Foothills girl who’s was characterized by the fact that at on pep rally she chugged a blender-ed McDonald’s happy meal the fastest… Yea, That’s all we could remember about her. It was a very popular day for the canyon.

All in all I ended up biking around 16 Miles.  Not bad for workout #2 for today!

Jkrez logging off


Hoping this works and you all can see beautiful a beautiful Tucson sunset!